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Gold Medal Safety Padding is specially formulated for use in jail cells, time out rooms, and psychiatric rooms where violent behavior may result in injury to the inmate, student or patient, or in damage to the room.

  • Assures maximum safety when applied to the floor, walls, and door of the room
  • Self extinguishing, as demonstrated by extensive fire testing
  • Virtually indestructible: withstands attempts to rip, gouge, or otherwise damage
  • Padding material is uniform and smooth, with no cracks or open seams
  • Non-slip surface is completely fungus resistant
  • Easily cleaned: detergents will not harm the surface
  • Bond coat is used to completely insure compatibility with the existing floor
  • Resinous coating is scuff-resistant and long lasting
  • Can be installed in any existing cell or room or be included in new construction
  • Installed on-site by Marathon Engineering's trained Installation Specialists
  • Assures the protection of individuals with the propensity to inflect self-harm, violent detainees and drug and alcohol influenced patients and inmates
  • Used throughout the world for over 30 years


  • "Everything works great. Our clinical staff is very satisfied. I'm sure we will order more product sometime in the future to finish other rooms” Dennis Moss, University of Utah Healthcare"

    Dennis Moss
    University of Utah Healthcare
  • Ken Ball
    Facilities Administrator with the State of Ohio
  • Arthur B. Droste
    Business Development Manager
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